Need help with identification and replacing

Need desperately to source this component. Thanks

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well I see the part marking appears to be 21475P. I could not verify this anywhere. It would be nice to get one clear picture of just one of these. I can’t verify this with what is provided. Sorry.

Looks very much like a TDA21475.

Unfortunately that looks like a bit of a niche product that we don’t currently carry as a stock item, and I’m not finding any non-sketchy sources that do. The flip side of this is that there’s a very high probability that things connected to it were damaged in the course of that chip letting the smoke out, and the chances of a successful repair via a simple chip replacement are quite small.

thanks for the feedback. what would be the best way to follow to get this fixed?

To be blunt, the best way to get it fixed would likely be replacing the whole unit.

To repair such a thing would require an intimate knowledge of the device, as well as the tools and skills to allow evaluation of surrounding components for need of replacement.

Well, that’s not really an option for me since the business closed down and these units are very scarce on the 2nd hand market. I want to at least try to get it fixed.

Your best bet would likely be to identify a repair shop with experience in the brand or type of equipment in question; there’s a chance that such an outfit may have the necessary schematics, repair parts, or relationships needed to acquire the same. Unfortunately I have no recommendations to offer.

I would guess however, that one would end up spending at least $5K on the matter before all is said and done, quite possibly more.

Hi @zmkejacobs ,

If it is indeed Infineon TDA21475, I only found a few links that may give any form of value

an Infineon link, which provides part # page and information available upon request, contact info, and a community section

an Infineon document

an Alibaba link to the supposedly stocking part (very generic photos and no datasheet provided)

Thank you for the feedback. I can work with this.

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