Milwaukee PCB

Hi I have a piece on the board that needs replacing. The code on the item is ‘irla 3114z ior p816d la 6m’ but alas I can’t find it. Does anyone know where I can source it?


Unfortunately I could not come up with a good part number for either number.

Can you tell me what part type it is? Just so I can buy similar?

A better photo


Would it be correct that you are looking to replace the missing chip in the lower right?
If so was the “irla 3114z ior p816d” the marking on the other chips still on the board?
If not do they have markings not showing up on the images?

Yeah the chip missing is the one I want to replace. Overheating. Then chips still on the board have the same markings on them but very faint and can only see in certain lights. The IOR on the chip have a greek O if that helps :rofl:

It then looks like the IRLR3114ZTRPBF for the marking of “3114z”
IRLR3114ZTRPBF Infineon Technologies | Discrete Semiconductor Products | DigiKey

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You’re a hero. I’ll give it a go!!