Bulgin 8800 series Rocker Switch suffixes

When looking at 8800 series rocker switches from Bulgin, it is common to see the suffixes “-133W” and “-132W” at the end of the part number. The details of these suffixes are not frequently published in the datasheet, such as H8800VABB-133W

  • “-133W” calls out that the ‘I O’ printed on the rocket is oriented for a vertically mounted switch in white color

  • “-132W” calls out that the ‘I O’ printed on the rocker is oriented for a horizontally mounted switch in white color, as shown below.
    -132W .

Here is a part breakdown for 8800 series Rocker Switches from Bulgin’s datasheet.


Applicable Part Numbers

H8800VABB H8800VABB-133W H8800VABB-132W

708-2505-ND H8800VABB-133W-ND H8800VABB-132W-ND