Cables for Panasonics PM-65 Series of Slot Sensors

When you are looking at the PM-65 Series of slot sensors from Panasonic you will need a connector or cable to go with them.


Panasonic offers 3 options. You can buy just the connector, a flexible cable and a non-flexible cables. The cables are available in lengths of 1m, 2m, 3m, and 5m.The base number for the Flexible Cable is CN-14A-C and the base number for the Rigid or Non-Flexible cable is CN-14A-R-C. You then just need to add a number to the end of the part to symbolize the length. For example a Flexible Cable in a 3 meter length would be CN-14A-C3

Panasonic also offers an option to just buy the connector. Part number is CN-14A.

Applicable Part Numbers

1110-3929-ND 1110-3928-ND 1110-3933-ND 1110-3934-ND 1110-3931-ND 1110-3936-ND 1110-3937-ND 1110-3935-ND 1110-3942-ND 1110-3930-ND 1110-3940-ND 1110-3938-ND 1110-3932-ND 1110-3943-ND 1110-3939-ND 1110-3941-ND 1110-3945-ND 1110-3944-ND PM-T65 PM-K65 PM-R65 PM-K65-P PM-Y65 PM-L65-P PM-Y65-P PM-T65-P PM-R65W PM-L65 PM-T65W PM-F65-P PM-F65 PM-T65W-P PM-R65-P PM-F65W PM-R65W-P PM-F65W-P
1110-2083-ND 1110-2086-ND 1110-2085-ND 1110-2082-ND 1110-2084-ND 1110-4130-ND 1110-2081-ND 1110-2531-ND 1110-4129-ND CN-14A-C2 CN-14A-R-C1 CN-14A-C5 CN-14A-C1 CN-14A-C3 CN-14A-R-C5 CN-14A CN-14A-R-C2 CN-14A-R-C3