PYRO SENSOR MODULE 399-20620 and connector

OK I ordered a few of of these to evaluate for a project. Below the form were suggested items to buy with it, like the small cable that connects to the connector, so I ordered 3 of those…they do not fit. I am having a hard time trying to figure out what cable part number is appropriate for this item. The connector on the unit is P/N:SM05B-SRSS-TB so looking for the PN of the matching cable.

Hello @KF7MAX,

Can you confirm the part number that you ordered that did not work?

I am not showing that I have a cable on hand, however I am showing that we have mating connectors SHR-05V-S-B and connector SHR-05V-S. While both of these options are just connectors and not cables we do have a few options of pre-crimped jumper leads that would work with those connectors. They range from 2-12" in length. If there is anything further I can help with please let me know.