Sharp 2Y0A710

I bought Sharp 2Y0A710 thermal infrared sensor, and I didn’t receive the proper connector to it.
The connector to it is 5 pins, and I need to order the connectors to properly connect my sensor to the breadboard.
Can you please help me find the proper part number to order?

The datasheet says it uses the JST part B5B-ZRwhich would mate with a ZHR-5 housing. Note you would also need contacts. You can get contacts or jumper wires which are both listed on the product detail page I linked.

Hi sandygirguis,

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As Benjamin has stated, the housing to mate to this sensor is
a ZHR-5

The problem here is that is a 0.059"" (1.50mm) pitch (pin spacing) connector. You need to go from 1.5mm on one side to 0.1" (2.54mm) on the other.

You could use 12 inch pre-Crimped Jumper wires, like Mfg PN: ASZHSZH28K305 cut one side off and then re-terminate to a 0.1" housing/header.

One tool free option to terminate this would be to use a 5 position 2.54mm terminal block like TE Connectivity Mfg PN: 282834-5