Automotive sensor wire harness/plug and pins

Need some help with an item list. Bought some of these type of connectors on amazon but were. In the wrong orientation and very cheap. Soo looking for better made and solid connections to my car. I need male and female connectors 1, 2 and 3 plug and the pins that go with them. Wire sizes are around 22-18g
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also if you guys can suggest maybe a more high temperature plug for my extension for my o2 sensor too that would be Amazing male female and connectors. Thanks so much!!! I’m on my 3rd set of these in a year. I just keep melting through them or even if not high temp just being able to make my own replacement would save me a ton of money. And also education on what these connector types are even called would be helpful too. And what the pins are called