I need some help finding the correct pin/socket for a Molex 0349861601 plug and an unidentified plug

I am trying to make some connectors for a project I am working on, but I am having difficulties finding the correct pins/contacts that I need.

I have already bought these (WM15577CT-ND) male pins and they seem to fit nicely (and they are correct according to Molex’s website).

What I am not able to find is the wider blade type male pin that I need, please see picture #1 below for reference.

I would also like to know if you can assist me to get the correct plugs/seals for this connector, please see picture #2 below for reference.

Lastly, I need to get some female sockets that will fit on the pins of this connector: “Kingkong 90980-12557” (I have not been able to find this connector on this website, if there is an alternative to this that I can use and buy from this site, that would be awesome). Please see picture #3 below for reference.

The wires I am using in this picture are just some jumper wires I had laying around, but I am worried about the wire gauge and it sits to loose for comfort. I am looking to get some sockets that fits 14AWG (or 16AWG if 14 is too big).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this wall of text, I am very new to this and English is not my first language. If this is the wrong category, please flag my post so it can be moved :pray:

The first connector looks like an MX150 series hybrid 1.5/2.8mm connector, for which this document offers a lot of useful information, including part numbers for the cable seals and plugs, made by Yazaki which is not a supplier carried by DK at this time.

TE P/Ns 132603x-y would appear to be suitable contacts for the wider positions, with Molex P/N 0343450001 looking like the appropriate plugs for the smaller 1.5mm contact positions.

Regarding the second connector, these housings look like they might fit, with 1318332-1 appearing to be compatible contacts for larger wire gauges. I’d recommend checking the drawings to verify, but the connector components aren’t ridiculously expensive if it doesn’t work out.


Thank you so much for your reply! :star_struck:

I’ve had a hard time with this one, but it looks like you have solved my issue.

I will read up on this and try to order some parts! I will post an update when I have the items in hand :smiley:


I got everything correct except the 1318332-1, but I have made some major progress thanks to you!

Left plug is my attempt at copying the original on the right.

The 1318332-1 was too big and did not fit inside the housing, so I’m thinking about trying the 1318329-1. The housing fit the socket in the control box perfectly.

In my previous post I forgot to include one last connector I am looking to identify:

The left connector I have yet to identify, it the wire gauge is 2.00mm2 (16-14AWG).

I have never worked with electronics before (other than assembling a couple of computers), but I am having a really good time learning.

I started pulling out the interior of a Tesla back in June, and it has now turned into a campervan project of some sorts, so I am “learning by doing” all of this stuff. My goal is to create connectors in order to plug inn dummy-devices and get rid of errors about backseat safety systems missing.

I got it all working, but my prototypes are not looking very clean, hence my mission to get all the correct connectors and such and clean it all up.

I know my wire gauges are not the exact same as the original wires, I have been using leftover wires from a nearby shop to save some money. I had an incident with a melting cable and a lot of white smoke, so I thought it would be safer to go for a little extra thickness if possible :laughing:

Thanks again for helping me get this far! :smiley: