ID connector (Molex?)

Hi, I need help ID’ing this connector. It appears to be a Molex 19-09-1029 from the 3191 series, but the pins are .084" and the 3191 series appears to be only .093".
The pitch measures ~7mm, which is close enough to the 6.7mm of the 3191 series also.

I cannot get my calipers into the connector hole to get a perfect measure on the pins, so I test fit using female pins from an ATX power supply which are Molex .084" and the fit was perfect. I tried fitting the same female pins on a drill bit that was .092" (closest I had to .093") and the pins would not go - leading me to believe that this connector is, in fact, .084" pins.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Hello bare172, welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
The only similar connect I found in our system is WM1041-ND.
The mating connector to this one, is WM1602-ND.
I do not see a match for a connector just like this, with .084" pins. I believe this one is the same as the one on your board, with the .093 pins. Without getting an accurate caliper on the middle of the pin, you will not be able to verify the pin size.
If you get WM1602-ND with the appropriate female contacts, it should plug right into your connector.

I fully realize I’m asking for help because I don’t have an answer, and you’re more of an expert than I am - but I really don’t believe that this plug with the .093" pins is the answer. I have a test lead kit that has leads with a .094" hole, and when I put them onto the pins on the PCB plug they are loose and wobble side to side. Are the different size molex pins interchangeable? Could I put a .084" pin in this WM1602-ND housing? Thank you for your time and expertise!