Replacement Plug

Looking to see if this plug can be identified.

Hi, thanks for contacting Digi-Key. You will need to measure the pitch to be sure that it will mate, but the closest I found was WM2801-ND. (Link below) It is .100 pitch. To check that, you will need to measure from the center of one conductor to the center of the next. That will give you the pitch. Without knowing that, we would not know if this will line up and mate. .100 is a common board pitch. Glenda

I will check into the size. Will need to run to the job site in the next couple day to do so
Thank You,

Well I went back to the job site and cut the plug off. Didn’t see the numbers till I was in enough light outside in the truck.

MOLEX 6442 with the number 23 next to Molex.

Here’s the Molex KK 6442 housing w/o locking ramp, not sure which pre-crimped pins & leads or, pins and crimping tool, you’ll need to complete the connector.

The part number appears to look correct. The link that was provided would also show the crimp terminals. Just scroll down and the terminals are shown under associated product. Once you click on the terminal for the wire gauge you are going to use. Scroll down again. The recommended crimp tool will be listed.

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