Who makes this connector

This is used in an aviation headset made by Lightspeed

Hello. Welcome to the Technical Forum. Without any pitch or pin spacing listed, I can only guess what might be close. I looked at part number 2057-125CH-B-09-ND. This one has a pitch of 1.25mm. Here is a link on how to measure the pitch of the connector you have. Pitch of a Connector

That link might help confirm if this connector would work or not.

I believe the pitch is 1mm. Look at how the plug as key ways on it See pictures

The only three options I have are on this link for the 1mm: https://www.digikey.com/short/vbnrrjwv

They do not appear to be the same as what you have. They are the closest options I can find.

Close…thanks for your time and help


Hi sales3,

Hi Terry, to get an accurate measurement of pitch, measure from one point on the first contact to the same point on the last contact, then divide that measurement by 8, since you have 9 pins. Measuring between two adjacent contacts just doesn’t give enough resolution, when dealing with small connectors.


Hi sales3,

If your pitch is 1.25mm it may be this option, part WM5406-ND from Molex. Here’s the data sheet with dimensions to verify CoCreate Drafting (molex.com). You can see on the drawing link, bottom left side there is a trade mark on the connector housing, check to see if your connector has that. It would be on the side the wires come into the housing.

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Hi Steve,

I think this is the connector I need. It does not have the trade mark but other that that it is a perfect match. I put a 1.25 pico blade connector next to it and it matches the spacing.

Do you think you could send me a sample 5 or 9 pin connector? Do you carry these in stock?

Thanks for your help


We do have the 9 position part WM5406-ND currently in stock, the 5 position part WM5403-ND shows no stock at this time. To request samples you would need to contact our sales department at 1-800-344-4539 to see if they are available.