Camera Cube Lens

I’m considering the Omnivision Camera Cube OV7690 for a project, and the associated brochure ( shows no f/# or focal length. Is there a lens included?

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The camera features a f/3 lens. This can be verified on the second page of the product brief you linked. (product features, 2nd bullet right below the resolution)

A full datasheet can be requested here at their website.

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That brief is actually for the OVM7690, and even more confusing, neither OV7690 nor OVM7690 are listed on the OmniVision website. Apparently the OVM7692 is the current VGA CameraCubeChip, and it is available in two focal lengths. Do you expect to carry these and phase out the OV7690?

From my understanding I do not carry the OV7690, you may be able to get a special quote for one if you email in for it. I believe that unit is from 2008?

Perhaps the problem is the OV7690 Product Brief, it should be for OVM7690 to avoid confusion? Also, since neither are on the OVT web site, perhaps it is last time buy?

Actually the product brief is correct. The problem is I can’t get a datasheet for this even though I have a NDA with OVT.

I wouldn’t have the insight on last time buy, we publish those documents as we get them. If we don’t get them then we publish a template at the time of obsolescence.

In my experience, image sensor manufacturers are developer-unfriendly as a rule; I suspect this may stem from that business being biased quite heavily toward ultra-high volume consumer products with a limited customer count.

The OVM7690 came to DK in '09, which is 3 years prior to any of the cameracube products listed on the OVT site today. When the no-M version was introduced (or what the M means) is not obvious. I’d be inclined to take the lack of public exposure and apparent non-responsiveness to your datasheet requests as an indication that the product in question might not be the most prudent choice for a new design.

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