Can an addressable RGB be a single bulb?

I’ll explain this to make sense of my question.
I want to use a large RGB to light up areas on a sign. As an object crosses a limit switch the Arduino will count and advance the light from one location to the next. Like a race as shown in the picture. I want the light to illuminate each horse as the pinball crosses the switch. Buying a strip of small ARGB’s isn’t going to work (it would but I only need 35 LEDs per horse and I’ll have to cut and solder the LED strip hundreds of times. I’d be better with brighter, larger LEDs if I can buy addressable RGBs instead of a strip. Can this be done?

Wall sign similar to what I will be building. Each horse image would have an ARGB LED behind it illuminating the the horse as the player crosses the contact switch. The lights would advance to the next horse and so on until the light reaches the end. ARGB light strips are really expensive when buying 20 strips just to cut them up and they aren’t that bright in shaded daylight. I’ll be outside in a trailer running the game and the players need to see the light. Thanks.
image switch contacts are located in the chute for the steel ball to make the circuit complete.

Hi atenciomike,

Here are some individual ARGB LEDs. Unfortunately, the lumen/candela specs are not given in our parametrics for these, and not all datasheets give this either. I do think that brightness might be an issue for some of these for daylight applications.

Also make note that not all addressable RGB LEDs use the identical serial protocol (both general protocol and timing), so one will need to check datasheets for specifics on any particular part.