Can DC power relays be used with less than 1A?

Depending on the capacity range of the DC power relay, there are different things to pay attention to when using it. Let’s take a closer look at each model.


image For DC PCB power relay G7L-X/G5PZ-X


The G7L-X can interrupt a 1,000 VDC / 1 A load. When the current value drops to 0.5 A, however, the Lorentz force makes it difficult to extend the arc, and the load cannot be interrupted. When the current value falls further, however, it enters the area where the load can be interrupted by the contact gap.
G5PZ-X and G7L-X have such areas where interruption becomes unstable. If the arc cannot be interrupted, there is a possibility of damage to the relay, PCB, and surrounding elements due to abnormal heat generation at the contact.

The figure below is a conceptual diagram showing the area of interruption instability.

As this area may change depending on the ambient environment, please be sure to check it with the actual device.


image For DC PCB power relay G2RG-X/G9KB


G2RG-X and G9KB also use magnets to control the arc, as with G7L-X and G5PZ-X. As these relays have sufficient contact spacing for the maximum breakdown voltage, no uninterruptible region occurs.

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