Can I get an optically triggered version of CMA50E1600HB?

I need an SCR with characteristics similar to CMA50E1600HB - 1.6 kV blocking, and can safely handle > 300 A for very short bursts.

I can’t use this one exactly as it is because I need something optically coupled.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Does anyone know an optically triggered device similar to this one?
  2. If I can get this device in die form I might be able to optically trigger it that way. Is this available in die form?

Much thanks!


Hi jimstrieter,

Welcome to the Tech Forum.

I am not aware of any SCRs with an optically triggered gate. I checked some of our optocouplers with an SCR output to see if they could handle your 1600V rating, and none were close.

However, thinking through this, perhaps you could use an isolated DC-DC converter to supply isolated power with it’s negative output lead tied to the cathode of the SCR and then pair that with a standard optocoupler or possibly an isolated gate driver to trigger the gate with current coming from the isolated supply. I may be missing something which would make this a no go, but it seems like a plausible idea.

Infineon has some Light Triggered Thyristors (LTT) but they’re nothing we stock.

Example part number:

I checked, I didn’t see Littelfuse/IXYS offered bare die part numbers for any of their SCRs, if you’re interested it would be helpful if we knew your estimated annual usage when we request if that is a possibility.