CAN transceiver TJA1051AT/0Z pin functions

I am looking at the TJA1051AT/0Z as a sub for TJA1050, but the closest datasheet I can find doesn’t list the AT or 0Z options. Variations on this base p/n have different functions for pin 5. I am guessing (hoping) the AT/0Z has the same functions as T, but can anyone confirm? TIA


It appears that the TJA1051AT/0Z / 568-TJA1051AT/0ZCT-ND is same part as TJA1051T. The other two models mentioned are the TJA1051T/E / 568-8685-1-ND and the TJA1051T/3 / 568-13277-1-ND.
Referencing the Mouser datasheet if you click CTRL+F and type in Pin 5 in the search box you will be able to see the difference between the TJA1051T , TJA1051T/E, and TJA1051T/3 models. The TJA1051T is backwards compatible with TJA1050.

I have a link to the data sheet below.

NXP TJA1051 Series CAN Interface IC Datasheets – Mouser

Thanks. I agree, it appears to be compatible with the T part. I’ll get some samples and test to be sure.

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