NXP TJA1152AT/0Z Pin Out Information

Confirmed by NXP, the datasheet of TJA1152AT/0Z including the pinout description as well as other useful documentation are classified as Secure Files requiring an NDA.

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Applicable part numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
568-TJA1152BT/0ZTR-ND,568-TJA1152BT/0ZCT-ND,568-TJA1152BT/0ZDKR-ND TJA1152BT/0Z
568-TJA1152AT/0ZTR-ND,568-TJA1152AT/0ZCT-ND,568-TJA1152AT/0ZDKR-ND TJA1152AT/0Z