Cantherm thermal cutoff SDF series: color code

The Cantherm thermal cutoff have different colors. Is this a color code referring to technical specifications/parameters?

No , the different colors on the Cantherm SDF thermal cutoffs like our SDF DF104S (317-1130-ND) have nothing to do with a color code. According to Cantherm themselves:

The color of epoxy used has no relation to function or activation temperature. Different colors of epoxy are used during different months/years.

Applicable Part Numbers
DigiKey Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
317-1133-ND SDF DF128S
317-1138-ND SDF DF184S
317-1132-ND SDF DF119S
317-1126-ND SDF DF084S
317-1127-ND SDF DF091S
317-1134-ND SDF DF141S
317-1130-ND SDF DF104S
317-1129-ND SDF DF100S
317-1135-ND SDF DF144S
317-1124-ND SDF DF072S
317-1136-ND SDF DF152S
317-1128-ND SDF DF098S
317-1125-ND SDF DF077S
317-1139-ND SDF DF192S
317-1131-ND SDF DF110S
317-1142-ND SDF DF240S
317-1123-ND SDF DF066S
317-1137-ND SDF DF170S
317-1140-ND SDF DF216S
317-1141-ND SDF DF228S
317-1143-ND SDF DF220S
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