CB style connectors


A question that comes up from time to time is if Digi-Key carries a “cb” connector. While no longer at the height of communication these connectors can still be found from certain manufacturers. We carry the female 3 position plug from Switchcraft part number CB3FX.

Currently the male panel mount CB3MX is not a stocking part, however could be ordered. As with any non-stocking part there may be a minimum order quantity that may need to be met to order.

In speaking with my product manager at the time of this post the MOQ on this part was 10 units. (This is subject to change)

Switchcraft also has 4 position plugs and receptacles available. See the attached drawings for further information.
CB3FX-CB4FX.pdf (77.9 KB)
CB3MX-CB4MX.pdf (96.8 KB)