Looking for compatible connector

hi there i am looking to find a specific phoenix contact terminal block connector for a project i am working on. i currently have a device box with a 6 position flush mount terminal block header on it. I am looking for a 6 position female flush mount block header that would mate with male block header i already have. I would like to be able to flush mount the female connector to a seperate box, and join the two boxes seamlessly. Please see the attached image of the 6pin male header i already have.

Alternatively i could use the same female header block on the 2nd box, and use a female-female turnaround between the 2 boxes if you make one of those?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key’s TechForum. What is the manufacturer or Digi-Key part number of the connector you are currently using? If you do not have the part number, what is the pitch of the connector?

Pitch is 5.08
unfortunately do not have part #

The connector might be out of the
series. Possible guess is Phoenix number # 0707280. Please review/verify the dimensions on the datasheet 0707280.pdf (digikey.com). Also, see page 5 of 9 for compatible mates on the datasheet.

I can see this printed on the connector:
left side: 250v, 2.5mm2, 10A
right side : DFK-MSTB2.5

With that being said, if that is the correct data sheet (forgive me if its not), it doesn’t seem to me that any of those compatible mate options would work to accomplish what i need to. i may be mistaken though.

To clarify, i would like a mate that could be mounted directly to another box and join with the one i included a picture of in the OP. If there no compatible option, do you make a turnaround for lack of a better term. A back to back female in which case i would just use another DFK-MSTB2.5 and connect both through the turnaround?

0707280 would be the 15Amp version. The part you have for the 10Amp version is Phoenix # 0710219 aka.
“DFK-MSTB2,5/6-GF-5,08”. The mating parts are on the product page for the connector housing.

Thank you.
Looking at the product page, there are only 4 associated mating products.
It does not look as though any of them will work for this application.
What about the turnaround? Does a product exist?


Correction- Phoenix # 0710219 has a threaded insert. The correct # should be 0707280. 0707280 is rated for both 10 and 15amp depending on the approvals per the datasheet 0707280.pdf (digikey.com)