Wire to wire connection with terminal blocks

Hello, I’m trying to figure out a setup where I can have 12 stripped wires running from a test piece, go into some sort of a connector, and exit as 24 wires (that is, each wire is split into two connections). The 24 wires coming out are going to a DAQ, which I was to keep. The 12 wires coming in will change - that is, I want to bring in a new sample and just plug it into the setup.

One of the ways I can do this is by using terminal blocks. I was pointed to this Molex product. This would be perfect to connect the 12 wires from my sample so that I can easily take them out and plug in a different sample.

I can’t find what this part matches to though. Is there a terminal plug with male sockets that this plugs into? I want the other side to be the same number of terminal blocks so that I can connect the 24 wires (2 per block) into.


The easiest way to identify mating connectors is to scroll down the product page and look for “Mating Products”

Such entries are rather burdensome to maintain, so they cannot be considered comprehensive. Failing the presence of such, the product series link is often useful. Some manufacturers (Molex especially) are in the habit of assigning different series numbers to darn near every individual part, lessening the utility for identifying compatible product. In such case, picking terms from the series name to use as search keywords (“Eurostyle ESE” in this case) is another useful technique.


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We don’t carry a wire mount mate for the Molex part. However, we do have similar product from Phoenix Contact.

Plug - male pins: 277-6907-ND

Mate - female pins: 277-5743-ND

A possible solution is using this 24 position from Phoenix Contact part number 1757239 or Digi-Key part number 277-5934-ND . for the web link click here. You would use every other position for your 12 input lines.
The 24 position mate will be Phoenix Contact part number 1786394 or Digi-Key part number 277-14019-ND For the web link click here
You will also need 12 two position jumpers Phoenix Contact part number 1733169 or Digi-Key part number 277-2340-ND For the web link click here These will bridge your pairs together.

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