Terminal Block P/N HELP

Please help! I need the p/n for this terminal block so I can order ASAP. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I do have a sample of one if there is anything you need.

Terminal block that will fit into a Cisco UCSC-PSU-930DC power supply

Thanks in advance!


Some documents for UCSC-PSU-930DC show part number UCSC-CONN-930WDC= as some type of connector, but I see different results for it on various sites. Some show a power supply connector (three prong), and one shows an item similar to the photo, below, but with no specs given. Some related Cisco products use part number 0428160312 from Molex [ Digi-key Part Number WM1928-ND ]. Do any of these three options match what you’re looking for?


Thank you! Unfortunately, that is not it. Do you have an email where I can send you the pictures of the one I have compared to a ruler? It will not let me post them in here.

You can send photos to applications.engineering@digikey.com and reference this forum thread (copy/paste the URL into the email). Then ask if the photos can be added to the forum post, or if the email can be forwarded.

Just emailed the photos asking them to post. Thank you!

I do not show any document as to the terminal block that is used on that power supply.

I have the photos from the customer. The connector matches something I saw online when I searched for that power supply. I’ll either extract the photos and repost them here, or continue searching.

(Can anyone find this part?)

I gathered all of your photos and combined them into one file (below). On the page titled Cisco UCS C240 M4 NEBS Server Service Note I can scroll down to eventually find the exact part referred to as a ‘fixed power input socket’, and possibly identified as UCSC-CONN-930WDC=. The instructions for removing it match with the orange tab on the product, too. I can also locate the power supply product code: UCSC-PSU-930WDC.

I wasn’t able to locate a replacement for this, though, either on our site or elsewhere online, so I posted everything here for our entire department to review. Hopefully, this will be of some help.

I am curious on the matter, but the Panel mount terminal block looks like this part 277-13814-ND
This is from Phoenix contact. It will have a 7.62mm pitch.
A possible part that also looks like the Plug that Might mate could be 277-12343-ND
This will be similar. Something to Check out.


The part might be 277-7560-ND


Double check the dimensions from this snip from the datasheet.

Also, from the side of the connector the part above has these markings

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@ ImperiumData

If you review the latest replies after I posted the photo collage, you can see that we’re on the right track–very likely that it is from a Phoenix Contact Combicon series, but possibly a custom model. You can use the Phoenix Contact Product Page for 1718494 to look at all of the resources available for that product (part number 277-7560-ND on our site). Phoenix Contact is using a 5-position version for the photo on their site, but the product page is the same for all of those.

Thank you all so much! Unfortunately, it only has the orange piece on one side so I do not any of those p/n’s are it. I appreciate all your help and hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!