Molex connector

We are looking for the following Molex connectors


Do you have an interchange or stock of some or all of them? Please advise thansk.


Do you have descriptions for these items? They do not appear to be valid Molex part numbers, and I’m not seeing anything that looks like a match from other suppliers either; people often speak of “Molex connectors” in the same way that they refer to a facial tissue from any manufacturer by one particular brand name.

It’s also possible that these are internal part numbers privately assigned by some entity, and therefore not translatable to publicly-listed P/Ns without the secret decoder ring.

Any additional information you could provide may be helpful in identifying the items of interest or a suitable alternative.

Hello Rick

I like your colorful descriptions!! These are good numbers though I think it might be a proprietary number to them. This is what I have for one of them. Let me know if this helps narrow something down. It does not need to be Molex brand but need something and a lot yesterday. Hope this helps.

Well, there is/was an SRC series connector made by Molex having 66 positions, our listings for which are here, however A) that series appears to be in the process of being obsoleted B) nothing I’m finding in the documentation ties the Molex P/Ns to those given, C) it’s not the sort of connector for which a form/fit/function alternative is likely to be found, and D) Molex is quoting 18 week lead times for the P/Ns that aren’t yet obsolete…

If those are indeed Molex part numbers, their non-presence on the Molex site would suggest that they’re a custom item, and therefore wouldn’t be something we’d have available from stock.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the prognosis here doesn’t look good. Could be wrong on that though, since I still can’t validate the P/Ns given.


Just learned these are Delphi part numbers I provided. Here are the interchange, first one is Delphi, second Molex. Tell me some good news:). Thank you!

33320919 = 85084-0700

35179804 = 93792-6006

35179805 = 93792-3612

Kinda thought there might have been something like that going on…

We’ve got listings for all three of the Molex P/Ns, visible here. Unfortunately, only the xxxx612 appears to be active/non-obsolete, and it’s non-stock with an 11 week lead and 288pc MOQ. We don’t carry Delphi, and I’m having trouble locating those P/Ns in the wild elsewhere, so there appears to be a good chance that you’ve got an orphan connector there.

I’d say that the good news is that I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to, well, the company that made that line recognizable, but they spent so much on ads to do so that their rates are actually higher… If there’s some other way we might be able to help out though, let us know.


Thank you for your time and effort. Just wished I had more so we could read more of your wisdom!! Have a great night!