Part identification

I need help on finding the correct connector for my applcation. I have narrowed it down to a molex mx123 66 pin connector body but i need the cover and harness leads of available.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. The cover you need appears to be 0345650003. We list this is for 73-80 positions on the website. Yet the Molex document lists that this can be used with the 66 position also. Here is the information I found:

You need to look at the Product Specification of PS-34566-0000-001. On this link when they start listing the terminals. They list Delphi and Yazaki. We do not sell that. Though if you look at this link: 0348220013 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

You can scroll down and associated products. Hopefully this helps as there is a lot of information here to go through. We do not have the harness leads. You would have to make them.