CDE Modern Equivalent

What would be the closest current production 100uF 100V capacitor to this older series (circa late 80s/early 90s) capacitor that was made by Cornell Dubilier?

I can’t seem to find any data sheets on this specific CDE line anywhere. If anyone remembers or has some knowledge on this specific line, please share.

Kemet 100uF, 100V capacitor looks close:

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Hello clayjwright94, welcome to the Forum Community. These are some possible options for the replacement of your capacitor. All of these options are in stock. You don’t mention the physical dimensions of your capacitor, so you’ll want to check these out for these closest to your capacitor.

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They are just a pinch over 3/4" in length by 1/2" in diameter. Their lead spacing is roughly 5-6mm.

It looks like these two are the closest to your dimensions, and at 20mm height are pretty close to your ¾” height (which would be 19.05mm).