Need help finding these caps

I need to replace these caps but can not find any options. Product is a anthem mca 50 amplifier. Part is a 15000uf 80v capacitor hec cd91. Im good with any better brand. Or bigger size that will work. I have like 2-3 inches to go taller.

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Here’s a search for in stock, 15,000 uF, 80V or greater, aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

You’ll need to check the lead spacing and physical size to see if they will work.


82mm tall
35mm wide

Lead spacing 10-11mm

None of the ones u listed match this model.

There are no current listings available in small quantities that would be a good direct replacement. Tall, narrow capacitors with only two through-hole terminals like those shown are relatively vulnerable to damage from shock and vibration, and are not especially popular for this reason.

I would suggest either of these as options likely to fit and perform reasonably well.