Identification / replacement

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I am looking to replace the two Capacitors

Hello @mechtaz63

Thank you for using Digi-Key’s TechForum. Would you be able to measure the surface mount land size of those capacitors, and also the height of them as well? That information will help us in identifying those capacitors.

the larger cap: Land is 10mm and Height is 10mm, the smaller: Land is 6mm and Height is 6mm

Thank you for your time


Well you can look at part number 493-9470-1-ND for the 220uf. I could not figure out the code for the voltage. This is the only one I found in the size you needed with the 10x10 in stock. For the 47uf , these are the closest options to the size:

I did not find the exact size. Please review these to see if anything will work for you.