Help identifying capacitors from LG monitor

Hi, Everyone

Can you help me identify these three capacitors so that I can find replacement for them? I tried identifying them myself but i can only identify the first one and still i’m not 100% sure.
I think the third one has 3c 10 15f written on it

Thanks in advance

Wecome to the Technical Forum. I have no sizes provided so I need to give some links.
Here are the options for #2 the 68uf 35 volts:
#1 options:
#3 options:

I went with the 10uf at 16v as usually that is what the code C is. I am not sure what the rest of the information on the capacitor is. You can review the options to see if you can make something work with the size you have on the board. If possible on the options I have shown you , I would say to be safe to go with the higher temerature ranges to be safe. That will never hurt and it will increase the lifetime of the capacitor.