Need help with identifying this capacitor

I have a few faulty capacitors which i am trying to replace but have not had much luck with my search how can i read the numbers on top? I tried searching the codes but i must be doing something wrong
Thank you all the help

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I can’t, but somebody else on the forum may be able to identify it from the codes and logo.

I expect it to be a 68uF electrolytic (E series of preferred numbers - Wikipedia).

I would estimate the voltage rating based on the physical size and/or reverse engineering the circuits power supplies.

Electrolytics are made in many physical size configurations and different footprint configurations. So physical measurements would definitely be needed if the codes can’t be deciphered.


Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Based on the part markings it could be this option, Digikey part 493-17508-1-ND . Here’s the datasheet with the marking information. You’ll want to verifyt the dimensions to be sure it fits.

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Looks like the right series, based on markings. However, there is both a lower case (“j”) and upper case (“J”) option in the part marking, with the upper case representing 63V rather than 6.3V. This part looks like it’s the 63V upper case “J”, so would probably be the UCD1J680MNL1GS.



The datasheet states that the 68uF 63V part would be 10mm diameter by 10mm height. You’ll want to verify that. We have a few in stock at this time.

Another part with very similar specs for which we have plenty of stock is the AFK686M63G24T-F.


Good catch David, I missed the upper and lower case part on the voltage rating.