Capacitor indentation help needed, TKS

Marking on Capacitor are E2 22A ZG


Hello, I do not recognize these markings. Do you know who the Manufacture of the capacitor is?


Thank you for the help, but I don’t know who the cap manufacture is.

Given the number on the parts shown and modern common range of values for aluminum electrolytics caps, I’d find a 22uF part that is the same or larger volume.

The voltage rating of an aluminum electrolytic is directly proportional to the volume of the capacitor.

In case the volume of a cylinder formula wasn’t permanently burned into your head by a teacher :slight_smile: , here’s the calculation from measurements.

Volume = Pi times the radius squared times the height

Example: Diameter = 10 mm, Height = 10 mm

Radius = 10 / 2 = 5 mm
Radius squared = 5 * 5 = 25 mm2
Volume = 3.14 * 25 * 10 = 785 mm3

Looking at these markings you may have the UZG series from Nichicon, we list Digikey part 493-10047-1-ND for 22uF rated at 16v which is the A marking after 22 on the part shown here. You can verify the size of this one with the cap on your board to see if they are the same. I see we are currently out of stock for this part but we do list a couple similar alternates on the link I provided.