Please help identifying condenser


Could you please help me identify the following SMD aluminum electrolytic cap?


Hello Blacktwr,

The markings would indicate 16uF 100V Capacitor. I did not see this capacitance and voltage combination in our system. Our closest were 15uF 160V and 18uF 160V. Please take a look at these options and verify the size dimensions would fit your board’s land pattern. List -

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@ blacktwr


I’m reading the markings as 100uF and 16V, so there would be quite a few SMT options to work with. If we knew the manufacturer and series, we could probably determine other specs (size and land pattern, for example). I haven’t narrowed it down to that point, yet.

Hi blacktwr,

It would help in finding a suitable replacement if you could let us know the diameter and the height of those caps. Could you measure those dimensions and post here?