Yet another SMD cap ID question (w/pic)

I need to identify these two caps and I can’t seem to find a concrete example online of their ID format.

I don’t know if they are aluminum electrolytic or polymer.

Manufacturer unknown; according to Panasonic’s labeling convention “100” would mean 10uF, but it could be 100uF from another brand.

I’m assuming the “16” and “35” are their voltage, but I can’t seem to find any brand that has simply an “A” series, and the only “S” series I found was from Panasonic but it doesn’t seem to come in 16volt variants.

big can is 10mm diameter, somewhere between 10 and 10.5mm height
small can is 6.6mm diameter, apx 5.5mm tall

That’s the best I’ve got; and the big can has a vent seam in the shape of an uppercase “T” with the top line slightly curved…

Any help would be greatly appreciated, TIA

Hello ewc2496, welcome to the Forum community! These are the stocking options found for 100uf, 35V in surface mount electrolytic close to the dimensions you stated. Stocking options for 100uf 16 V close to your dimensions. The datasheets on these indicate the actual diameter will be marked on the capacitor.

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Thank you for the suggestion of a replacement, but I am trying to see if anyone can offer some confirmation in the markings on these two components first.

as of right now, I am not confident whether they are 10 or 100 uF. I am not confident that they are Panasonic, nor any specific series. Like I said, if they ARE Panasonic, then according to their numbering convention “100” means 10 times a multiplier of 1, and thus 10uF.