SMT Electrolytic Capacitor with no Voltage Rating


One questions that comes through our department is from customers who are trying to identify a surface mount Aluminum Electrolytic Cap and there is no Voltage listed. Once we start looking at the cap we often find that the voltage is listed, however as a letter and not the actual voltage value.

Here is a marking chart from Rubycon’s TZV series of Capacitors.

Cornell Dubilier has a similar chart with their AFK Series

This however is not standard as some of the capacitors do list a voltage value. Here is an example from Kemet’s EDK Series.

If you need help identifying your capacitor please feel free to post a picture on here on the forum and out team of techs and engineers will help with the identification process.

Finding a replacement electrolytic capacitor

Can you help me identify two smd caps marked:





I will check those markings. Do you happen to have a picture?

These appear to be Cornell Dubilier Parts. the AHA is a 10V and the VHA a 35V. here is the snip from the Data sheet.


Hi Robert,
Only took a photo of the “100 VHA 1H3”, the other shorter one, “100 AHA 2Q6” is similar. I’m guessing 100uf but what voltage ratings?
Thanks for your assistance.
Al Metz



the only issue is that there are 3 options in that size. Could you measure the base of the cap?

Same on the 10V there are 2 Options.



Can anyone let me know what this is. I’m assuming its 47uf 50v


Hello @drhexuk,

While I was not able to identify the cap you have pictured I do agree with your conclusion. I would say this is a 47uF and a 50V cap based on part markings generally given to SMD Caps.



Hello. Can you please identify the voltage/capacitance on this one? It says:

Is it 4.7uF … is that what the C means? I don’t have a guess for the voltage.


This is a Nichicon UD Series Cap 47uF and the C means 16V
the e3 is a lot code

Part Number 493-2259-1-ND


Thanks much.


Can you help identify these caps please

Top right marking,

Bottom right,


I tried to refer the above posts but im just not sure


Top right appears to be a 22uF 6.3v HB series

Middle is also a HB series 100uF 4V

Bottom Right appears to be a 22uF 35V
I was not able to confirm, however it appears to be a ELNA from the markings
RVS-35V220MF55U-R You would just need to verify the physical landing pad on this one. Any 22uF 35V would work.



Thank you sir


Hi can you identify this surface mount capacitor?

Its markings are
16 L


Hello @Bviron,

While I was not able to identify the exact capacitor I suspect that it is a 47uF 16V cap.

82 lot code
470 would call out 47 with zero zeros. (4.7uF is normally marked 4R7 and 470 would be marked 471)
16 L is calling out 16V and L I suspect is a Series or Temp callout for the company.

A part number you could look at would be UWX1C470MCL1GB, however you would need to verify size.

If you have any further questions please let me know.


Thanks much.

The original is about 8mm in diameter and 10mm high about 5/32 inch diameter and 7/32 inch tall


Greetings, I was wondering if somebody can tell me which capacitance and voltage these caps have.

The last image, I already guessed on the voltage and capacitance, but, I want to make sure for the last cap: E is 25VDC and 68 is the µF rating, right?

Also, how can I figure out what the tolerance is, and the rating with the temperature per cap is?


Hello @retro-pc_user,

The caps with the red stripe are a Alum Polymer cap from Nichicon’s FPCAP series.
Here is the diagram from the data sheet.

331 would be a 330uF and 2.5 V
I also see you have 33ouF and 6.3V

I have narrowed down the options here, you would just need to verify the size and I think you will have the correct part.

The last part pictured you are corred in the voltage rating. Part number should be EEE-FK1E680P

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


One more cap for the evaluation:


Here are the markings:

The cap is for an STB BlackMagic 3DFX VooDoo2 card that has 12MB RAM. I have 2 new caps on there, but incorrect tolerance, temperature, and size (got the smaller ones and rated up to 85C, which I know is wrong). My hypothesis is the cap is a 10µF 16VDC, is that correct? The issue with the card is it gets detected in Windows 98SE without issues, but DirectX Diagnostics software doesn’t detect it (it did once on my Socket 370 motherboard, but never again and I think its the PCI slot giving out on my Intel D850GB motherboard), certain games that require a 3DFX card, and the Display Control Panel applet gives me this error:




While I was not able to identify the exact cap you have I suspect that you are correct with the 10uF 16V ratings from what I am seeing.

The physical size should not matter as long as the ratings are correct. Temp also should not affect performance unless you are seeing temps above 85°C.

I am also not sure on the warnings as I don’t have a trouble shooting guide for the system in question. With the cap the question is often if the cap failed due to being inferior or if something else failed that caused the capacitor to fail. It may be a case if you replaced the cap and it still does not work that there is more wrong with the board than you can see.