SMT Electrolytic Capacitor with no Voltage Rating

Forgot about this cap:


The one on the right has these markings:
FP (Logo)
25AF (lot no.)
561 (capacitance)
2.5V (volts)

Is the 561 56µF or 560µF? Thanks again.


Yes, 561 would be 560uF as the 1 signifies the number of zeros. Here is a list of options. Would just need to verify Diameter and to narrow an exact part.

Few more caps for identification:

7x 68 EFK C42
1x 2D3 220 6.3V
5x E246 560 2.5V

For the first cap, that’s 68ųF or 6.8ųF 25VDC, correct? Thanks for your help.


For the first one I would say 68uF. Here would be your options Click here You will just need to verify the physical size that you need.

For the second part I would say it is a 22uF. Here would be a link to them, and you would need to verify the size on these also. Click Here

Lastly, It appears to be 56uF. Here would be a link to them, and you would need to verify the size on these also. Click Here

Thanks, Bobby

The last cap is a 2.5V and the ones I see are 4V and higher. Thanks for the info.

It’s okay to increase the voltage when replacing caps as long as the physical size is the same. You may be able to increase the height, but the footprint will need to match.

Thank you very much for the info.

Hello ! I think I have new capacitors on the list . Why are so many types of writingst
16V Is 47 microF and 16V ?

16F Is 47microF and 16V ? Is there somewhere a booklet or a catalog or something what can help us to read this capacitors ?
Thank you for understanding , kind regards .

Hello @chareclaurentiu thank you for you post.
While there is not across the board solution that answers all marking we are trying to show common formats.

I agree that it sounds like you have 47uF 16V caps. Likely you are looking at tolerance, series, and date information in the other markings. A picture could help identify further details on the caps.
Thank you

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can you help to identify Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor with below marking

  1. 791

  2. 705

Thanks, Abhay

Hello Abhay,
Thank you for bringing this question to Digi-Key Electronics. It looks like these caps are going to be 33uF and 47uF respectively and 50V. Unfortunately, I am not able to get you exactly what you need without the size of the caps you are looking to replace. Without that information and the termination style the best I can offer is a list of options.
Please have a look at this and let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you,


I’m trying to identify the following cap, think its a 33uf 100v but would like to identify manufacturer so that I can find an equivalent.

aka is it a low ESR etc.

Tx, sveng

Hello @sveng,

I suspect that you are correct with ratings of 33uF and 100V. Unfortunately I was not able to identify the manufacturer for this specific cap so I can not say if there are any specific features. You would likely need to contact the manufacturer of the board this came off to see if they would give further information.

Here is a list of options we currently have in stock. you would just need to verify the physical size.


Tx Robert,

Unfortunately this is from a LG LED 19” monitor so there is a slim chance of finding it. Will go with a 33uf 100v low ESR and hope it works. The cap is from the backlight driver circuit.


There’s a user on another forum site that’s trying to figure out the ratings for the SMT Tantalum capacitor.

The markings are as follows:
C 10µ

What does the C mean on the capacitor and the bottom marking is the lot number or manufacturer number, right?

HI, Depending on the manufacture, the C could be calling out a voltage, but without knowing who makes these, we would not have a way to look it up. Bottom markings are most likely a date or lot code call out.

I have the following for a car turn indicator: Arrow shows the part in question.

I did some cross referencing and determined it to be: 338-2180-1-ND (Digi-Key Part Number) However, I’m just wanting to confirm…


Hello @Marc,

Based on the marking of that capacitor, I would say that you are absolutely correct. 33uF, 100V, FK series would be the 338-2180-1-ND (AFK336M2AG24T-F), as you had found.


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Dang!! That was a fast reply!!

BIG thanks!

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