Part value ID needed

I need ID on 2 capacitors, radial leaded, both 8mm x 8mm metal can (looks similar to SMT types)
1st part: top line: 022R, next line: 270, bottom line: 16T
2nd part: top line: 034R, next line: 1200, bottom line: 2.5T

Looking at some SMD caps with the markings on top, They show the first line as a lot code, second line for capacitance (uf), and the third line for voltage. Using these parameters, the closest matches we have are P11200-ND and 1189-3598-ND. Please check the datasheets for compatibility.

Do you have any pictures you can post?

The caps are radial leads, not surface mount, although they look as if they are.

Photo, attached.

Thanks for your reply.

Looks to me like you have some through hole Aluminum Polymer caps.
Top would be a 270uF and 16V and the bottom a 1200uF 2.5V

Take a look here
270uF 16V

1200uF 2.5V