Valor of this cap

Hi, anyone can help me to identify the valor of the Black cap please.


The capacitance appears to be 680uF. Most manufacturers use a direct three or four digit code in uF for an aluminum electrolytic SMT capacitor of this general size. It is possible that the 4J is the voltage code, but I haven’t yet found the exact manufacturer and series that would also show the marking guide.

So, I have a list reduced to 680uF SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, and this includes both active and obsolete parts to facilitate research. Someone might be able to determine the voltage rating, but if we can also find the manufacturer and series, we should also be able to locate information regarding the size and land pattern (solder layout), too.

Thanks to be interesting of m’y trouble.
First, the cap got two pins directly soldered on the board, second diamètre is 0.8 cm and high 1 cm… If you are sure this is à 680uf very good for me… But how to be sûre without thé manufacturer.
All i know is it’s à cap near processor and always voltage seems to be low near it then 4 volts seems to be the True.
I try to Advance for certitude… :blush:

This photo May be can help

here is the datasheet so it is 4v

@ azzarochat

Sorry, I posted a link to surface mount caps. The 680 code is fairly standard for all manufacturers, and this will translate as 680uF. The 4J could be voltage rating + tolerance, but I will try to find the original series to be sure.

The closest voltage rating that I found for a 680uF through-hole mounted product is 6.3V, and that will be fine if the other specs match. The part number is 1189-2339-ND. This is also a very close match to the diameter and height since there is tight spacing on the board. Check the lead spacing–this one is 3.5mm, and that might also work in place of a 5mm product if needed.

@ azzarochat

If you do want to stick with the 4V rating, you can easily substitute an aluminum polymer capacitor for the original. Part number 399-14133-ND is an option with the same tolerance, good temperature ratings, and likely the same 3.5mm lead spacing. Since the other capacitor values are known through documentation, it’s fairly safe to assume that the black capacitor–even if we don’t know the original series–is comparable in many ways within that circuit.

Perfect, it seems i got All good informations :blush:

Espacement is 5mm