SMD Capacitor ID

I am looking to replace unknown capacitor- MFG not labeled.
Values listed:

Main board for LED TV
adjoining Caps have voltage value 16v
Any comments?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. We have these 16v capacitors at 33uf and 100uf. Not sure what a Z03 value would be. Any chance you can post photos of these parts so we can see the markings.

Hello Steve,

Here is a pic.

I appreciate your help!

Thanks for the photo, I searched to find the series from the markings but wasn’t able to. Looks like you have a 33uF cap rated at 100v, you can look through these options , you will want to verify the dimensions to be sure one of these will fit.

Goodmorning Steve, thankyou for the information. There is another capacitor that I would like to confirm values . I did some research already but would like to make sure I am correct. See pic

Is this 47uf 16v?
Many thanks!

This one looks like it’s from the UUD series manufactured by Nichicon based on the markings R3 is the lot number, 470 is the capacitance at 470uF and C is the voltage callout at 16v and UD is the UUD series as listed in the datasheet . We have Digikey part number 493-2266-1-ND available from that series, you will want to verify the dimensions on this one also.

Thasnk you!

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