SMD Capacitor ID

I have a TV that is in a constant boot loop. I believe the caps to be the culprit (boy howdy are they singing!). Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the identification codes and google has yielded 0 help. I’m assuming 100pf, 50v? Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction to find replacements.

Thanks a million!

Hello @DeCrepe

While I was not able to identify the exact caps off the markings it is much more common for the marking of 100 to be 100uF vs 100pF.

Here are some options at 100uF 50V though you will have to narrow down the correct size.


Ok, so I wasn’t THAT far off :rofl: it’s for a 19v led TV control board so the 100uf makes more sense to me.

Thanks a million!