What about 3D5 100 16e Capacitor

I guess the following specs :

means a capacitor
is it correct ??

thanks in advance


This would seem like a reasonable interpretation of the markings posted, but it is not one that can be guaranteed.

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If you can let us know the shape and size of the capacitor that will help a lot in picking a good replacement. Other useful information is what kind of circuit is it used with.
A photo plus dimensions would be great.

Thanks in advance Paul

I see that it’s a surface mount package and there is enough of vertical space that package height shouldn’t be a problem.

Assuming it’s the most common diameter for 100u 16V, 6.3mm, This in-stock part will likely work.

If you need a different diameter or specific height, here’s a search all sizes, lifetimes and prices of in-stock surface mount 100u 16v capacitors.

Thanks indeed