Capacitor from an LG computer monitor: requesting aid

Hi Everyone,

Can you please help me identify the capacitors so that I can find a suitable replacement? I watched the youtube video on identifying capacitors and the tip page here on identifying capacitors, but all I can definitively say is that it is 80V (and 35v for the other one).

My research tells me it is an aluminum electrolytic cap, surface mounted, and polarized.

The cap came from an LG computer monitor. I am wondering what the number in the 2nd row indicates…

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @alex_lee and welcome to the forum!

According to a few electrolytic cap datasheets - it appears a standard would be to have the middle line be a capacitance value. So I would venture to say that those caps could potentially be 27uF / 80V and 68 uF / 35V respectively.

Here’s a 27uF / 100V option: 10-EEE-FN2A270UVCT-ND - You can see it here:

And for the 68uF / 35V: 493-2289-1-ND - You can see it here:

I’d recommend taking a micrometer and measuring the footprints to make sure these two options would fit the pads on the PCB prior to ordering. Its always good practice too to check over the specs on the parts I recommended to make sure it will work for your application.


Lindsay Foy
Senior Applications Engineering Technician
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Thank you thank you so much!!! I figured it was the capacitance value but had no reference frame. I’ve had a week full of downs, so having this figured out helps me end on an up. Thank you :slight_smile:

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