Looking for a discontinued capacitor. can someone please help ? Thank you =)

hi looking for this capacitor or something similar but its discontinued.

can someone recommend something similar or close to that capacitor please?

thank you for the help =)

Closest thing I’m seeing:

EKYB100ELL121ME11D Chemi-Con | Capacitors | DigiKey

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Hello g1tnr32,
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The closest match I found is 732-9152-1-ND.
This is 6.30mm diameter instead of 5mm, and it can handle up to 16V instead of just 6.3V.
Same 2.50mm lead spacing, and 12.50mm height, and 105C operating temp.
If you have room for the 6.30mm diameter, this should be a suitable replacement.
If you need the 5mm diameter, the closest option is 732-9415-1-ND, but the leads are spaced at 2.00mm instead of 2.50mm.
Please check the datasheets.

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thank you very much. would the difference in voltage and impedence be a big deal compared to what i am looking for originally?

thank you so much for your help. !
[732-9152-1-ND] or [732-9415-1-ND] may seem like the best options available .

was also chatting with a customer representative and they recommended this one also. https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/panasonic-electronic-components/EEU-FM1C121/762832

what do you guys think about that one? thank you for your help!

It is virtually always electrically OK to use a capacitor with a higher voltage rating. It is very often only a price and size consideration during design.

Outside of switching power supplies, it is very unusual for the impedance rating of an electrolytic capacitor to be important.

For electrolytic capacitors in ordinary consumer electronics:

  • The odds of the impedance mattering at all are very close to zero
  • The voltage and capacitance can be many times higher and the circuit will usually perform better

With consumer audio gear you can often improve noise margins for cleaner sound simply by doubling or quadrupling the capacitance value and increase the service life by doing the same for the voltage.


awesome. thank you for your knowledge and information!