Re capping old motherboard

I’m looking for replacement capacitors for a old motherboard of mine. I can’t find the esr rating for the caps in the data sheet.

Electrolytic I was looking at
United Chemi-Con

I was thinking of doing polymer. The one I found is only 2.5V and is only 2000 hours @ 105C life instead of the 5000. I know the basics and I think these caps are output filtering. I’d think that they wouldn’t be getting more than 2.5V as the vcore is 1.35V


The parameters for the existing caps:
through hole
kzg nichicon
10mm Diameter
5mm lead spacing

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I do not have a match for Poly - Aluminum Electrolytic. Capacitor replacement 3300uF 6.3V 10mm diameter 5mm lead spacing.

Part Number EKZN6R3ELL332MJ25S
CAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 6.3V RADIAL 10K Hours @105c
List for more -

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Would 2.5V be fine? 1.35V is running through them.