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We have purchased 565-1598-ND from Digi-Key in the past. Now we need the exact same thing but in 25V @ 100 qty. What would be the correct part # ? We’re having trouble identifying.

Hello @wphoenix. Please take a look at the 493-16024-ND from Nichicon on the following link, This was the closest I could find to the 565-1598-ND with a 25V voltage rating, while maintaining the 2mm lead spacing, and 5000 Hour lifetime at 105°C. For a side-by-side parametric comparison of those, please take a look at the following link:

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Why would you need the same part but in a lower voltage? There is no electrical reason to go to a lower voltage part. Do you need a smaller physical size?


Thank you for your input! And yes, the smaller physical size suited our application.

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