CEL and Renesas opto-coupler part numbers

  • We get inquiries about CEL opto-coupler part numbers that show Renesas as the manufacturer, why?

  • The reason for this is CEL has been the exclusive reseller of Renesas Opto-Couplers in the Americas and are currently in a transition phase of switching the opto-coupler line to Renesas shown here on the CEL website.

  • You may search a CEL opto-coupler part number at Digikey and both Renesas and CEL are listed as the manufacturer. Let’s take a look at part PS2501L-1-K-A as an example. See the comparison below.

  • Notice the manufacturer part numbers are the same , the part specifications are the same but the “Part Status” for CEL is listed as “Discontinued at Digikey” and “Active” from Renesas.

  • Hope this helps eliminate some of the confusion when searching for an opto-coupler part number from CEL and Renesas shows up as the manufacturer.