CFS1919060 - Shelf Life of Conductive, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


I’m wondering what the shelf life is on the Conductive, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for CFS1919060. It is dashed out under “Product Attributes” on Digi-Key and it does not seem to be posted anywhere on the manufacturer’s page (Leader Tech).

I looked elsewhere and found that other Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for similar applications have either a 12 month or 24 month shelf life. So, I’m wondering what the reasoning is for no shelf life being listed under this Part Number.

Looking forward to hearing back from your team!

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Hi Eric - welcome to the Forum!
I checked the manufacturer’s website and I wasn’t able to find shelf life information either. I have e-mailed my Product Specialist for Leader Tech Inc. to see if he is able to get that information from the manufacturer. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have the information.

Hi Jenny, thank you very much for looking into this so quickly and for the quick reply. I appreciate the support!

Hi Eric:
Here’s the reply on shelf life that my Product Specialist received from the manufacturer:
The shelf-life is 12 months due to the adhesive. Without adhesive the part number is CFS1919060-NTP and it has an unlimited shelf-life if kept in a temperature controlled environment.

Thank you, Jenny!