Check item A-U200-A64G-PQ-G

MPN: A-U250-A64G-PQ-G ; Digi-Key part number is 122-2253-ND, MFR: Xilinx Inc.; Description: BOARD DCAB SERVER U250 ACTIVE

I want to know that This item warranty period is 24 months And Expected usage time of this item is 5 years.

Please check and get back to me soon


In the Xilinx ‘Terms of Use’ documentation, there are warranty periods for 90 days, 1 year, or 3 years depending on the type of product. I didn’t see any information regarding an expected usage time. I will ask for the exact warranty details for part number A-U250-A64G-PQ-G and post that here when I learn more.

Can you clarify the reference to ‘expected usage time’? Are you looking for the length of time before replacement is necessary due to possible failure, or is this regarding the status of the product in five years (active or obsolete)?


The warranty period for part number A-U200-A64G-PQ-G is three (3) years.

On this Xilinx Legal Notices page, the warranty details are under ‘Terms of Use’, Section 7 Limited Warranty, and the Product Type category is 'Deployment Cards.


Thank you so much for your information.

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The warranty period for part number A-U250-A64G-PQ-G is also three (3) years, right sir?

You are correct. It’s the same product type, so it should fall into that same warranty period.