Lifecycle fpga spartan-3 best guess EOL?

I am currently have designed in Spartan-3 part
Digikey PN = 122-1336-ND
Xilinx PN = XC3S1500-4FGG456C
Currently showing as “active”
Looking for how to get projected EOL for these parts to roadmap the next 5 to 10 years of my product.

I have reached out to Xilinx sales using the online form.
The Xilinx online forum just pointed me to as an authorized distributor.

Hi @ddstoi , Xilinx only has a 15 year life-cycle on products, since the Spartan-3 was launched in 2005, Xilinx can EOL this product at any time. Internally our GUESS, is at-least another 5 years, BUT Xilinx will give an 18 month window (on average) for LTS/LTS…

Is this for a new design, or an existing product? For a new design, we really recommend you should start looking at Series 7 devices today.

Edit: we got another reply from Xilinx, this product is foretasted to have Life until 2024…


As the Automotive, AEC-Q100, Spartan®-3 XA version XA3S1500-4FGG456I is already Obsolete and the only types with stock in the whole Spartan®-3 series are these XC3S1000-4FGG456C / 122-1333-ND and XC3S400-4FGG456C / 122-1341-ND with much less LE’s (Logic Elements) in the same package size, please look at their Spartan®-7 Series devices better sooner than later: XA7S50-1FGGA484I / 122-2218-ND and XC7S75-1FGGA676I / 122-2168-ND or consider using another architecture.