EOL/Lifecycle status

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I’m curious where we are at in the life cycle of this component. How many years before it reaches EOL?

Thank you for your inquiry and welcome to the community.

We can advise on the current status of CT110FDV-ID6 as of 5/31/2024 is Active/In Production

For lifecycle forecasts you would need to contact the manufacturer directly.


I’ve been choosing Allegro (formerly Sprague) brand sensors for my employers products since 1982. In fact that original first product is still on the market with an Allegro brand sensor in it.

We have never been given useful product life estimates because we never bought more than a couple grand worth of parts per year.

However we stuck with them because, they have also always given more than a full years notice for EOL, easy last time buys and, when the EOL came they always offered a suitable replacement that only required miniscule circuit or mechanical changes.


Thanks Paul & Kristof for your responses.