Choosing the right buzzers - Piezo and Magnetic


Buzzers are common audio signalling devices which utilize 2 mainstream technologies - Piezo Buzzers and Magnetic Buzzers. Each have specified advantages and tradeoffs when considering their use, depending on the requirements of your project

Piezo Buzzer Magnetic Buzzer
Operating voltage Wide Narrow
Current consumption Lower Higher
Rated frequency Higher Lower
Footprint Larger Smaller
Sound pressure level Higher Lower

At the same time, you can classify both piezo buzzers and magnetic buzzers by their driver circuitry - Indicators and Transducer.

Piezo and magnetic indicators come with internal driving circuitry, creating a “plug and play” solution to drive the buzzers. Transducers require you to build external driving circuitry, so it offers the flexibility to customize your circuit.

Indicator Transducer
Built in driving circuit Yes No, external driving circuit required
Design Simple Complex
Frequency Range Fixed User-selected or multiple

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