Cincon Electronics Co. LTD TRH50A (50W) Series of Power Supplies - VI Suffix

When looking at the TRH50A (50W) series of power supplies you will find the suffix VI on many of the parts. This represents the efficiency rating of the power supply. Here is a snippet from the application notes detailing the different efficiency classifications.


Image courtesy of PW174KB_DS.pdf ( please see the linked document for more information
Applicable Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Numbers Manufacturer Part Numbers
2034-TRH50A240-01E03VI-ND TRH50A240-01E03 VI
2034-3886-ND TRH50A120-11E01 VI
2034-TRH50A280-01E03VI-ND TRH50A280-01E03 VI
2034-TRH50A190-01E03VI-ND TRH50A190-01E03 VI
2034-TRH50A180-01E03VI-ND TRH50A180-01E03 VI
2034-TRH50A480-01E03VI-ND TRH50A480-01E03 VI
2034-3888-ND TRH50A180-11E01 VI
2034-3890-ND TRH50A480-11E01 VI
2034-TRH50A360-01E03VI-ND TRH50A360-01E03 VI
2034-3887-ND TRH50A150-11E01 VI
2034-3889-ND TRH50A240-11E01 VI